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LIS 511 Fall 2020 Pathfinder Project Showcase: Home

LIS 511 Pathfinder Project Showcase -- Fall 2020

LIS 511 Pathfinder Project Showcase -- Fall 2020

Pathfinders by LIS 511-1 Students

Banks, Camille: Africa Research Resources

Barab, Gabriel: All Things Egypt

Botbol, Athena: Russian History

Cottman, Cydney: Voting Research Guide

Craig, Jonathan: The Cinema

Crook, Rachel: Borderline Personality Disorder Pathfinder

Curry, Nicole: Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT)

Drucker, Stephanie: LGBTQ+ Rights

Filiato, Catherine: The 1918 Flu Pandemic

Fiust, Rhiannon: Abortion

Griffin, Emma: Organic Farming and Foods

Hendrix, Erika: Critical Librarianship

Hornblass, Aliza: Robots

Kurland, Vita: American Quiltmaking Guide

Nielsen, Gwenna: The French Revolution & Napoleon

Prater, Katherine: Doing Research with Primary Sources

Rosalinsky, Zachary: Climate Change

Santana, Katherine: New York City: History and Resources

Vest, Emma: The Many Aspects of WWII

Pathfinders by LIS 511-2 Students

Ahearn, Kristen: Information About the HIV/AIDS Epidemic

Allan, Hallie: All About Birds

Barbieri, Angela: 21st Century Educational Resources

Boneillo, Courtney: Ireland

Crowley, Richard: Rock Music Appreciation

Fey, Karin: The Pride Pathfinder: LGBTQ+ Teens

Gallardo, Kassandra: Indoor Horticulture

Hu, Dingyu: Food Preservation

Lambert, Heidi: Regenerative Agriculture

Li, Aimeng: Depression

Lilliston, Frances: Medieval Art

Mines, Armani: Fashion Design

Mullen II, Thomas: Mental Health Issues

O'Donnell, Whitney: Economics in the Western Hemisphere

Pernice, Joseph: Anti-cyberbullying

Pietras, Christina: Elementary Animal Research

Tallarico, Isabella: Stuttering

Tarantowicz, Andrew: Genealogy

Taylor, Andrew: Americana from the 1700s to Today

Tull, Sam: Personality Disorders

Zavarella, Suzanne: Bees and Beekeeping 101